Vote for safety and healthcare nearby!

I am a 31-year-old architect from Oulu, the chairman of Oulu Centre Party and a member of Oulu board of urban planning. I am a candidate in the county election in January 23th 2022. In the council I will promote achievable healthcare close to citizens and a well functioning rescue services. I want to prevent homelessness and mental health problems with this new organization. 

Close to my heart are family and friends, exercise and nature, and improving my surroundings. It is important to me to address the shortcomings and to strive for a just and sustainable society – especially with regard to the environment, housing and livelihoods.

OPINIONS of communal politics

The University of Oulu must assess for itself whether or not there is added value for its mission from the third campus or the transfer of the main campus. The process of clarification and intentions to move must be transparent and inclusive, which it has not been so far. If the move brings added value, the city should also study university locations other than Raksila, such as Torinranta and Vänmanni Island.

It is already possible to build high-rise buildings in Oulu through a change in the city plan. In my opinion, the towers that have already been built are suitable for the scale of Oulu, and more can be built with further consideration. A high construction guide should be drawn up in Oulu to define the quality level of high-rise buildings. The livelihood, services and accessibility of the city center are related to the revitalization of the city center.

An intensive debate on the future of small schools has just taken place in Oulu. The closure of individual schools will have a tiny impact on the municipal budget, but a major impact on the vitality of the area and the well-being of the people. The calculations should also include an impact assessment, which has so far been non-existent.

There are other means of balancing the budjet than cutting spending and tightening taxes. In Oulu, for example, revenues can be increased by streamlining and accelerating construction and land use services. At the same time, however, structural reforms are needed in Oulu that have not been made since the municipal union.

From the point of view of homelessness, Oulu has a good housing situation. Getting an apartment does not depend on the lack of housing. In Oulu, we can reduse homelessness by support services for housing. Socially supported housing should be located all over Oulu, not just concentrated in a few places - at the moment the situation in Oulu is pretty good. My long-term goal is to have a service center for young homeless people in Oulu, which would give the the young people better opportunities to get rid of drugs and get back to their own apartment.

In Oulu, free birth control is used for people under the age of 20, but the age limit should be raised to 25 when reflecting abortion statistics. This would reduce the number of abortions and thus e.g. mental health problems.. Low-threshold sexual and interpersonal counseling should be readily available.

Vegetarian food is often bothered by the fact that they are nutrient-poor and taste bad. After all, no one wants to eat food that doesn’t taste good. Therefore, in addition to selection, we must invest in quality in vegetarian dishes. All dishes should use as many domestic ingredients as possible. Finnish people have a lot of prejudices about vegetarianism, and they can be reduced by including a variety of vegetarian food in the menu of schools and kindergartens.

Investing in public transport, cycling and walking is important in achieving carbon neutrality goals. However, these are constantly being contrasted with emissions reductions from motoring. Cars will be a necessary mode of transport in large Oulu also in the future, which is why motoring cannot be left out of low-emission mobility. Ways to reduce emissions from motor vehicles include various conversion subsidies (e.g. gas and ethanol), car taxation, tax incentives for biodiesel and land use measures such as complementary construction.

In connection with new buildings, it must always be ensured that there is a forest, park or other place to stay in nature within walking distance. Young people often do not have the opportunity to ride a car, so nature must be found nearby. Some like parks and picnics, while some enjoy their nature in the form of mountain biking, for example. Everyone should have access to a shared yard attached to their own home.

The city of Oulu must be developed equally. During the current council term, Oulu has invested in new, growing detached house areas such as Ritaharju and Hiukkavaara, as well as in the center of Oulu. Oulu's community and environmental services have limited resources, and not everything can be implemented at the same time.

Libraries are important and still needed. In addition to the places where the materials are borrowed, they are also meeting and event places, and nowadays also the borrowing points for various consumer goods. For example, the number of loans borrowed from the Oulu Central Library and also the number of borrowers has increased in 15 years. The use of libraries can be developed, for example, with the help of self-service services.

Oulu's biggest challenges in attracting companies are related to the availability of plots and the functionality of business services. More companies are needed, because they create the basis for the services and well-being of Oulu residents. Businesses need a smooth one-stop service.

Organizing temporary patios and events in Oulu should be easier, lighter and cheaper. In other large cities in Finland it is much easier to get a permission for a temporary summer patio, café or bar.